Stories About How We Live and How to Write

Meg Rosoff’s books unravel the stories that we live by and challenge us to think in new ways about how we live our life. Come learn how to live in a way that challenges how you write by acclaimed young adult author of How I Live Now, There is No Dog and Picture Me Gone


Wednesday 7 September

Duration 45 minutes

Maiwar Green (State Library of Queensland)


Thursday 8 September

Duration 45 minutes

Auditorium 1 (State Library of Queensland)


Friday 9 September

Duration 45 minutes

The Edge (State Library of Queensland)

Meg Rosoff

Meg Rosoff

Meg Rosoff’s debut novel, How I Live Now, garnered the sort of rave acclaim most writers only ever dream of. She has gone on to write several award-winning books for teenagers including Just in Case, What I Was and The Bride’s Farewell